We loved playing for the guests at the Concord Nursing Home!

I'm just starting this blog and am so excited because I have been saving up so many goodies and activities our busy little studio has been up to to share with you. So anyway, on November 30th, right before the holidays knocked us all over, we took a sort of a field trip to the Concord Nursing home in Bed Stuy to play our very first group concert of the school year. The kids blew me away with their professionalism and musicality. My goal was manyfold: to give my kiddies a chance to perform in a group setting  - check! To bring joy around the holidays to people who need it the most -check! There were so many smiling faces in the audience, and to show my kids how much what they do actually matters and how important this work is in a bigger way than just my studio. It was a great evening.