Dr. Suzuki believed that learning to play the violin taught problem-solving skills, perseverance, determination, commitment, and a sensitivity to beauty that would fill children with wonder and joy for their whole lives. He called this process developing “noble hearts.” In honor of his grand mission, and because the performing arts depend on a diversity which they currently are lacking, I offer a merit-based scholarship program for Black and Latino children, ages 3.5 - 6, interested in learning to play the violin. This is a serious program designed for families who value the arts but find costs prohibitive.


The program follows a two-tier process.

How it works: 

  • Tier 1: "Starter Year": For the first year, students ages 3.5-6 years old will take a combined group/semi-private class with their parents. During the first  year, attendance, punctuality and consistent practice will be closely monitored. Classes will be held at a mutually agreed-upon time either during the day or after work hours. Classes begin each October, but you may register your child at any point during the year for the following school year.

  • Tier 2: "Continuing Violin": Students with fewer than four absences in year one, good punctuality, and good practicing habits will win a scholarship for the following year and be invited to re-enroll with separate private lessons and group classes at greatly reduced cost.


  • Open to Black and Latino families with children ages three and a half to six (at time of application).
  • No musical experience necessary. 

  • An adult family-member must attend an orientation meeting prior to enrollment.
  • A family-member must be able to make a commitment to attend all classes with the child, and be able to practice with the child daily.

  • Families must commit to daily listening of the reference recording, either through a CD player or through iTunes download.

  • Currently this program is only open to beginner students who have not played violin before. Students may not be older than six by October 1st.

  • No musical training is required.

  • Students must show good attendance, good punctuality, and development of good practicing habits during the course of the year.


  • Cost is based on a sliding scale and may range  from 5 to 20 dollars per week. Payment covers cost of violin, recital fees, and semi-private and group instruction.
  • Families must purchase the Suzuki CD.


  • Violins may be provided.

*Special consideration will be given to families in Bed-Stuy, East New York, Brownsville, and the Ingersoll and Whitman public housing complexes.

To Apply: 

  1. Register for an information session using the "To Apply" button below.
  2. Please specify whether you will be attending the Friday night or Saturday afternoon info session and how many people you will be. 
  3. I'll be in touch!

Next Info sessions are Friday, March 17th, 7pm-8pm or Saturday, March 18th, 11am-12pm!