Congratulations On Another Beautiful Recital!

I'm just the proudest mama violin teacher. I was so thrilled to see revealed all the hard work my students have put into their violin studies at our fall solo recitals concert on the gorgeous stage of the Brooklyn Conservatory. It was really nothing less than magical. We had spontaneous dancing in violin position to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", we had the boldest, cutest "Up Like a Rockets", we had a daddy/daughter duet of plucking twinkle theme, and that was just the pre-twinklers! My big guys showed how hard they've been working on tone, posture, and intonation, and also each showed what flexible and confident performers they are becoming, each in his or her own way. My cuties were dressed to the nines, played their hearts out, and ate their hearts out afterwards.

What warmed my heart the most, though, was seeing how we are building community over time; families were chatting away with one-another and the kids were playing together. I always set out card with pens so that kids can congratulate each other on each other's performances after the concert, and I think I'm going to have to limit it for next time. More than one of my students told me that they ignored me when I said to write on "at least three cards" and went ahead and wrote on every single card. Who are these amazing children? I'm honored to work with your families every day. 

Thank you so much, again, to Emile Blondel, our wonderful accompanist, and thanks to the Brooklyn Conservatory for offering your gorgeous performance space at a friendly rate!

I am loving this blog already! What could be better than gushing about my kids?