Parent/Teacher Conferences Reminder

Just a reminder that we'll be having Mid-Year Parent/Teacher Conferences in order to review policies and set goals. These conferences will take place during regularly scheduled lesson times. This is a valuable opportunity to start 2017 with a unified vision between adults. This applies to ALL students without exception. 

Advancing students would benefit from being a part of this conversation, but parents with younger students should bring an activity for their child while the adults talk. The conversation should take about 30-40 minutes, depending on whether there are multiple kids in the family. Parents may find it easier to make alternate arrangements for young children with 30 minute lessons.

Please come prepared with several ideas/questions/concerns/suggestions/general feedback for me regarding group, private lessons, or the program in general. I would also like to encourage all adults involved in the education of the child to attend. 

Below are some things we'll be thinking about at our conferences:

  • Progress, overall: How is this students' overall progress? How quickly are assignments being accomplished? Long-range vision for each student. Are we respecting the learning style of the child?
  • Listening ideas
  • The Lesson: Attendance/punctuality, are good notes being taken? Does the parent seem engaged in the lesson? 
  • Group Class: Ensemble skills, socialization and teamwork. 
  • PracticingHow can we make practice more effective? Is the parent giving enough specific praise at home? Is the parent paying close enough attention to what the child is doing? Are families adhering to what we've worked on in the lesson?
  • Performances: How are we, as adults, thinking about our children's performances, and are we creating healthy nurturing environments in which performing feels natural and fun?
  • Philosophy: How are all the parts of the "Suzuki triangle" functioning? Are there parts of the method that need to be reiterated?

If you have a conflict and need to find a different time, please let me know and I will see what I can do, of course! I'm happy to answer any and all questions:-)