At What Age Can My Child Start?
Anyone, ages 3.5 and up, can begin lessons.

How Long are Lessons? 
Lessons range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on age, attention span and level of playing.

What Days Do You Teach, Currently? 
I'm currently teaching on Wednesdays and Thursdays, however from year-to-year this can change.

Where Is the Bed Stuy Violin Studio?
162 Macdonough St.
Brooklyn, NY 11216

By train: Take the C to the Kingston/Throop stop.

What Are Your Rates for Private and Group Lessons?
Please contact me for current rates, as they may change.

Do I Need A Violin To Start Lessons?

Children need to be sized by their teacher first before families procure an instrument. Children will often start off with a cardboard violin, especially for the youngest children, so they can learn how to hold the instrument without fear of breaking it when it is dropped. 

Should I rent or purchase an instrument to start? 

When it is time, families should rent over purchasing. Violin outfits are used to renting students violins and have very friendly policies for the inevitable damages, replacements and fixes necessary on the road to becoming a responsible violinist. 

Where Should I Rent a Violin From? 

Once we have determined the right sized instrument, I highly recommend ordering rentals from the following shops (they all ship very quickly to NYC): 

Johnson String Instruments: or (800) 359-9351

Gainsville Violins (for 1/32 size instruments): or (352) 331-5555

The String House: or (800) 828-3548